Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant

Open 24 hour 7 days a week

It is the leading Mexican restaurant in Richmond, Virginia that offers traditional Mexican food since more than 15 years ago. In our kitchen original Mexican Recipes are prepared, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, which give our clients taste buds the most delicious flavor of culinary art of our land.

Our objective is to serve our beloved Latino community, not only offering the recipes as they are made at home, but also providing them with those nostalgic products that we find in the stores of our countries, through our super market. At the same time, we work on publicizing the Mexican culture through our creative recipes to the diverse community of Richmond.

In the Super Market La Milpa, you will find products of basic necessity from different Latin American countries (Nostalgic Products), meat cuts, sausages, vegetables fresh fruits, bread and pastries, cheeses and pork cracklings produced in our restaurant. Do not forget our famous sauce bar and our grand variety of natural juices that we offer daily.

We are lovers and loyal exponentials of our culture and Mexican heritage. We offer an exquisite potpourri of culture and life in Mexico that you can enjoy during your stay. We celebrate the principal Mexican parties, so that the community is able to come together and enjoy our great popular wealth, like Epiphany or Three Kings Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the most recognized of all, the celebration of the Day of the Dead. Through said events, we preserve the uses and customs of our ancestors and at the same time we publicize the rest of the community.

Within our priorities is developing cultural programs, such as community service, contributing with a grain of sand while at the same time maintain our roots, even though we are miles away from our homeland. It is our way of giving thanks and involving ourselves in the development of our city.

We rely on an excellent team of workers, each one specialized in their area, which are waiting to attend you as you deserve 24/7.

We thank you in advance for your preference.

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